Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has been a very productive last several weeks for us. I am so thankful to have a very handy husband! He has done so much to the house since we have moved here. One huge thing he did was put a window in the basement. Before we moved in, there was one tiny window in the laundry room and that was it. The basement was finished, but felt really closed in without a window. Jeff did everything himself, including digging the pit, cutting the concrete, and landscaping the wall. He just completely finished it tonight. He did an amazing job, and the basement looks so nice with it! I will have to take some other pictures later of before and afters. He redid almost everything in the basement, including the fireplace. When we first saw the house, we never noticed the fireplace. It was gas, and sortof just stuck on the wall. Jeff put tile around it and made it really stand out. There used to be a really ugly built-in entertainment center on the one wall, and he ripped that out and redid the wall. He made an area above the fireplace for our flatscreen tv, which fits perfect there. The flatscreen was Jeff's toy that he got with our tax money, and we love it. I need to take some new pictures soon. He also made us an exercise room off of the main room. Having it has motivated me to exercise. I have been using it almost every day.

I have also been getting a lot done lately. I have been trying to stock up our freezer by buying in bulk and making things. I made a huge batch of chicken broth and froze it in canning jars. I froze about 30 jars. We are getting ready to get blueberries this weekend, so I had to defrost my one huge upright freezer. I had to take all the stuff from that freezer and put it into our chest freezer. It was really crammed, but thankfully everything fit. Jeff and his dad hunt, so we have a lot of venison. We butcher the deer ourselves, so we get a lot more meat. I always feel so blessed after we get a deer. I know a lot of people are against hunting, but to us it helps us so much. We are able to have meat all year, and it saves us so much money. We also buy organic chickens in bulk every year from an amish farmer, and we get a big discount by doing that. We buy 10 chickens, which is about 70 pounds. We have to cut them up ourselves, but we save a lot, and the chickens taste so much better than the store bought ones. Plus we get to have the necks and backs to make broth with. I already had the freezer loaded with strawberries, apples and pears from last year that I haven't used up yet. I freeze pears and apples with the skins on, then thaw them when I need them for smoothies, pearsauce or applesauce. The Vita-Mix purees it so much that you can't even tell they had the skins on. I do that with peaches too. I want to buy a lot of peaches, pears and apples this fall. I hope I get a bumper crop from my garden too. I figure I may as well stock up during the seasons because food has become so much more expensive.


Jules said...

I love venison! DH and sons have been out hunting the past two days but didn't get anything to show for it. There's fallow deer in our area if you can find them and they're great for eating. We also don't mind goat although a lot of people turn up their nose at that. It sounds as if you're busy keeping that freezer stocked!

April said...

You're just a farm girl at heart Jen! :) I'm so jealous of your organic chickens! And all that food you're putting up and playing with. I don't eat mammal meat, but I don't see anything wrong with hunting if you're a meat eater and eat what you kill. That's way better than factory farming.

And yes, isn't it great to have such a handy husband? I am so thankful that mine can do all those things too. The window and wall look fantastic.

I'm jealous of your freezer - lol!

SchnauzerMom said...

You both have been very busy. Your DH did a great job with the basemet. My DH and I love venison. We have a couple of friends who are hunters but they haven't done very well the last time they went out.