Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My garden is doing well, which I am excited about! We have been eating fresh lettuce, swiss chard, green peppers and zucchini. I picked 4 large zucchini the other day. I chopped 2 of them up and froze them. One huge answer to prayer is that my freezer is working great! Hooray! It is loaded with fruit and veggies, and I am so thankful that it is working (and full!). My tomatoes are still green, but the plants are pretty loaded. I love being able to eat fresh produce right from the garden. There is nothing better! Evie wanted me to take her picture by the garden. I laughed later when I saw the lovely tennis ball by the tomato plants. Hmm, maybe it is from the rare tennis ball plant? My dog would love that plant :).

Since I took Evie's picture, she wanted to take mine. She actually did a pretty decent job! She has a play camera that she is always taking pretend pictures with. She thought it was way more fun to take real pictures. She figured out how to take pictures with my cell phone awhile back, so now I have to make sure she doesn't take off with it. Last time she did, she ended up taking about 20 pictures of everything from Sierra's nose to the toaster oven! Maybe she will be a photographer when she grows up :).


SchnauzerMom said...

Oooo I love your garden. Fresh produce is the best, straight out of the garden. Your daughter looks so cute standing there. She did a great job taking a picture of your and your pooch.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that your garden is doing well. It's that time of year to start getting the fruits of your labor I suppose. ;-)
Tell Evie that I'm a photographer and I think she took a GREAT photo. Good for her.

Jules said...

Definitely a photographer in the making there! She did a great job. And as always, you look gorgeous Jen (how do you manage it?). The last few photos of your hair have all amazed me. I keep thinking that we're similar lengths (tailbone) but your hair is obviously much longer than mine.

My mouth's watering at all that fresh produce.

April said...

I agree with Jules; you always look so pretty and nicely dressed Jen. I need some nicer around-the-house clothes! And your hair is always so pretty too; I just don't think that's fair. ;) I meant to ask you how you were wearing it while you and Evie were in the water in the previous post because it looked so pretty. It was up yet looked like the ends were kind of loose and curly. Was it an easy do?

Evie is also a doll and getting prettier and prettier.

Jen said...

Thanks Schnauzermom! I thought she did a great job too :).

Kelly, I told Evie what you wrote, and she said, "Well thank you!" She wants to see one of your pictures you took now so she can see how good you are :)."

Jules, you are so sweet! Thank you for what you wrote. It's funny, but I almost didn't post the picture because I kept thinking I looked super tired with bags under my eyes in the picture! Lol! It's funny how we view ourselves compared to what others think. I am still at taibone length, but I was leaning over a bit, so I think my hair looked longer in the picture.

Thank you so much April for what you wrote! Wow, you all know how to make a girl's day! I always think your hair looks perfect in pictures (oh to have hair that smooth and silky!), so I think we all just have hair envy for each other's hair :). I have been trying to dress nicer, but I'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes. I don't like to spend more than about $7.00 for a shirt, so I find lots of bargains :). As for the style, I am wearing the style that I did the video of on here. The ficcare updo. Were you able to figure out how to do that? If not, let me know and I will try take some step by step pics.