Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun At The Park

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a park not too far from us. It is such a beautiful, secluded park with lots of interesting things to see. There is a working mill there that you can go through. The mill still grinds grain and sells flour. Evie thought the mill was really fascinating. So did I! Near the mill is a beautiful flower garden.

We decided to dip our feet in the water, which Evie really loved. She wanted to jump right in! We had to be careful not to fall because the rocks in the water were really slippery.

There are also beautiful trails to hike. We hiked a trail and enjoyed the beauty. It wasn't too hot yesterday..only in the low 80's. It was great weather for being outside. It was a fun day!


SchnauzerMom said...

That is such a beautiful park. I'm glad you had a good time there. You have a beautiful family!

April said...

You guys looks so happy. :) That creek looks awfully tempting to me too. And I see Sierra got to join in on the fun too! Nice pictures Jen. :)

Kelly said...

Wow so beautiful. I'm more stunned that a mill still grinds flour. ;-)