Friday, September 5, 2008


This is a bit late, but I had so much other stuff going on that I didn't get to blog about it. Over labor day, we went to the beach with Jeff's parents, and we had a great time. We did something we had never done before....we took the dog! We went to the park first, and while we were there, a woman had a litter of kittens she was trying to give away. Evie held this little gray one, and she really wanted to take it home. They were so wild though. Evie was able to get this one to stay in her arms, but not before it scratched the daylights out of her! I guess it is good they were so wild. If they were sweet and cuddly, we would probably have a new kitten in our house! Lol!

When we got to the beach, we took Sierra out in the water. She wasn't sure she liked it or not. She went up to her belly, and that was as far as she went. The water was really cold, so that is probably why she didn't like it very well. Jeff and Evie played frisbee with her, and she got really tired out. She loved it though.

It was a really fun day. When we all went into town to eat lunch, everyone stopped us so they could pet Sierra. That made for some fun conversations with people. Evie loved it because she loves to talk to people.


SchnauzerMom said...

Great photos! Looks like a good time was had by all. It seems like all little girls love kittens. How would your dog react to a cat in the house?

Daisy said...

We had a wild grey kitten at one time, just like the one Evie is holding. She was SO WILD! We got her at the human society but boy I hated going down the basement stairs when she was down there, she would literally jump on my legs and cling to them .... eeeow! Or if I moved my foot too fast she would attack it. She had a funny side though, she loved q-tips and would go into our bathroom and get one and come out with it dangling from her mouth.
Looks like you had a nice time on labour day!

Jen for your pear sauce, do you use sugar in yours? I ask because I know you watch what you eat, so I'm wondering if you have a healthier version or something.

Jen said...

Hi SM. We already have a cat, and our dog is pretty good with her. She is probably the one that would be more upset about us getting another kitten. She is almost 10 years old, so she isn't going to like a kitten jumping on her :).

Jen said...

Hi Daisy. Ouch! That doesn't sound very fun! I bet the q-tip sticking out of her mouth was funny though :). Sierra used to get ahold of Evie's pacifiers once in awhile and put them in her mouth. It had to have been the funniest thing I ever saw. Of course, we had to seriously boil the pacifier to sterilize it after that!!

As for the pearsauce, I don't sweeten it. I don't sweeten my applesauce either. Both usually are so sweet that I don't need to. I do add lots of cinnamon. That adds to the wonderful flavor. The variety of pears we got this year are super sweet (isn't that just so nice of the Lord to do that for me :)? ). The apples we get are usually a variety that is really sweet too. Macintosh are great, as are Jonathans. That way I don't have to add sugar. I hope that answers your question :).

Daisy said...

Thanks Jen, that answers my question!

Kelly said...

I'm envious what fun. Great photos.