Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eight Random Things

My online friends Liliana, Jules and Kathryn did this on their blogs, and I thought it was super fun! So here goes....

8 Random things about myself:

1. I went to cosmetology school, and have a degree as a manicurist. I went to school for hair first, and made it halfway through, but hated that all they wanted to teach us was to chop, chop, chop! So I switched to manicuring.

2. I have tanned a deer hide. Two of them actually. I tanned the deer hide of the first deer Jeff ever got, and the second one. It was a ton of work, but turned out beautifully. And no, I didn't use the old Indian way of tanning...chewing on the hide.

3. I have lived in a camper in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the middle of winter. The actual temperature would get to -50 degrees. Jeff and I would wake up, and the sheets of our bed would be frozen to the wall, and we could see our breath. It was an experience! When we took showers at the campground (when our camper pipes froze), our hair would freeze on the way back to the camper.

4. I rescue spiders. I used to be petrified of them until we lived in the country. Then I got used to seeing spiders big enough to carry me off. Now when I see one, I will put it in a jar and take it outside.

5. I used to want to be a pro tennis player. Growing up, I lived across the street from a tennis court. I was obsessed with it as a kid.

6. I moved to Wyoming when I was 19 to be a nanny. I was a nanny from the time I was 19 until I was 27. I worked for several different families in different states.

7. I was almost a nanny for Papa John who owns Papa John's pizza chain here in the U.S. I was a nanny for twin baby boys at the time, and the guy who owns Papa John's was looking for a nanny for his kids. He found out about me through a mutual friend. He was very interested, and wanted me to be his kids' nanny. I turned the job down because I was too in love with the twins I was taking care of. Jeff still doesn't let me live that one down :).

8. I interned at a Christian radio station. I had planned on going to college for broadcasting, and wanted to work in Christian radio, but ended up changing my mind.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Wow you've had an interesting life. I let spiders outside live but if they come in the house they're dead.