Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wow, I am tired. It has been a busy last 2 days. I canned 19 jars (pint jars) of pearsauce yesterday, and I canned 7 jars of salsa today. I also cut up a bunch of pears and froze them today, and made a peach crisp. I am so tired, but I really want to stay up and watch Sarah Palin give her speech at the Republican National Convention. Boy, the media has been horrible to her family. The media has had a feeding frenzy with this whole situation regarding Sarah's daughter. They act like there is no other woman in this country with a pregnant teen daughter! It is really sad that she is in this situation, but at least Sarah and her husband are being so supportive of their daughter. That speaks volumes to me. I find it funny that all of the sudden the liberal media has gotten into family values. They are saying that Sarah should stay home and raise her kids, and wait until they are older to run for such a high office. Hmm, if she were a democrat, I'm sure they wouldn't dare say that. You don't see them telling Nancy Pelosi, who also has 5 kids, that she should stay home and raise her kids. And if she were a man, this would never be an issue at all. I'm really curious to see what Sarah has to say. I really like her. She seems like such a cool woman. I love that she is such a strong woman, and also stands so strong for the rights of the unborn. She has really energized the Republicans. I just hope I am awake enough to watch!


Daisy said...

WOW! Jen the salsa and pear sauce look delicious!!!! You go girl, do you know that? I want to make some! I'm off to find a pear sauce recipe now. :o) I probably won't be able to make any until next week though or maybe I can squeeze it in on Saturday ... I'll have to wait and see!

SchnauzerMom said...

Wow you've been busy, lot's of goodies there.

April said...

Hi Jen, As you said on my blog - politics are “touchy” but I am compelled to respond to your post…

If Joe Biden had a daughter who was pregnant at 17, the republicans would be all OVER him saying how his liberal ways were the cause of her pregnancy and where are his "family values"?. One of the reasons the media is talking about Palin’s family issues as much as they are is because Palin and the republicans are hypocrites. It’s okay for someone in their fold to have an unwed, pregnant teenager, but if a democrat did it they’d be attacked twice as bad. The republicans are always saying that democrats don't have family values. Even churchs say it. The door swings both ways; it’s just hard when suddenly it’s your candidate being hit in the head. Pelosi’s children are grown. As a mother, I can’t understand why any mother, especially one with a Down’s child, would run for vice president – or any job that would take her away to the degree that a job like that would. How can she take care of that baby? How can she make a choice between a country crisis and a crisis with her children? Just because most democrats support women’s rights (including equal pay for equal work which McCain has voted against) doesn’t mean they don’t support women staying at home and taking care of their children – especially while they are so young and vulnerable. They NEED their mothers. And, regarding Down's children - Mike and I talked about it many times when we first met that if we were young and had children together there would be no way we'd abort a Downs child. They are some of the happiest people I know. Republicans/conservatives don’t own morality. If Palin was a man, she would never have been selected to run for VP. She was chosen, among other reasons, to pull in some of Hillary’s disenfranchised supporters and to make the Republican ticket look more “diverse”. If you looked at the convention hall, the delegates sure didn’t look very diverse to me. You had to hunt to find a non-white person. Politics is a brutal profession to be in, but I think Palin can take it. She’s a “tough nut” as her father said.

Personally, I would rather hear more about issues than all the personal stuff. People are fallible... on BOTH sides of the aisle. I hope McCain talks about his plans for the country tonight rather than point fingers at the opposition. We need to be comparing the ISSUES of the candidates. I'm sure we agree on that at least. :)

Like you, I feel I had to defend my side of the fence.

Jen said...

Aww, thanks Daisy! I'm pretty wiped out after two days of canning. I'm glad to be taking a break for now :).

Hi Kathryn! Yes, I am ready for a bit of a rest :). I think this is the most produce I have ever canned/froze.

Jen said...

Hi April. To be honest, after debating with you on your blog, I realized that debating politics is pretty pointless. If someone is a stanch democrat or republican, I just don't see how one can be swayed to the other side. Regarding Palin, I wasn't saying the democrats were bashing her. I was saying the media was. Many democrats and even Obama feel that the media going after Palin's family is wrong. When I said that if Palin were a democrat or a man, they wouldn't say a word, the "they" I was talking about was the media. The media is very anti-republican. They just don't understand our thinking at all, and hate that we believe in guns and God, and that we are against abortion, gay rights, and other moral issues. I was not bashing democrats. I was bashing the media. I think they have taken things way too far. Both Biden and Obama have agreed, so it isn't just republicans saying this.

As for Palin being a hypocrite, I'm not sure how you can say that. She is against abortion, and gave birth to a downs baby knowing the baby had downs. Her daughter is pregnant, and they are supporting their daughter and helping her keep the baby. As much as parents want to control their kids and keep them out of trouble, things happen. There are many Christian families with teen girls who are pregnant. The parents just can't be with the kids 24 hours a day. We live in a sex saturated society. These kids are pressured to have sex at an early age. When I was in school, it was considered bad to have sex before marriage. Now there are daycare centers in schools to help all the teen moms. My husband and I were youth group leaders. The stuff these kids told us that they heard every day about sex was mind boggling. 12 year olds knew more about sex than I did at 20! To say that Palin and republicans are hypocrital because Palin's daughter is pregnant just isn't fair. Sarah Palin does believe in family values. Most Christians do. We can't always control the actions of our kids though. I know of a loving church family who was always there for their kids. They taught them right and wrong, and taught them the Bible. Their daughter ended up pregnant at 17. Are these parents at fault? What else could they have done? They did the best job they could. Their daughter was the one who made the wrong choice. Sadly, I know of many other Christian families who have had pregnant teen daughters. It is the case with both Christians and non-Christians. So I don't think it is fair to say that Palin is a hypocrite because of a mistake her daughter made.

As for Palin having a downs syndrome baby and being possible VP, this is not my place to judge. I am not her, and I do not know her family situation. From what I understand, her husband has stopped working so that he can take care of the kids. There are many powerful women in this country who have husband's who stay home with the kids. I'm not saying I agree with it, but for some people it really works. From what I understand, a whole lot of democrats are really honked off with the media for bashing Palin for being a working mother. They respect the fact that she is a strong woman, and feel that the media is being sexist. Even Joe Biden has said this.

I agree that the issues are important. I thought that Sarah Palin gave a wonderful and inspiring speech. I thought she addressed the issues very well, and laid out a good plan. I know we won't agree on this. It is a pointless argument in my mind. You are for Obama, I am not. We will not agree, and that is okay :).

Kelly said...

Yummy all those cans of pearsauce. I'm going to do apple sauce soon.

And I agree with you on Sara Palin, it's really the pot calling the kettle black that democrats are saying she should be at home with her kids!