Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Horseback riding

Evie had her therapeutic horseback riding class for the second time last night. She LOVES it. She kept asking over and over when she could go again. The volunteers she has will be her volunteers for the whole semester. There are only 3 kids total in the class, and 1-2 volunteers per child. Evie's horse is a small pony named Spike. He is a sweet horse, and while Evie was saddled up, she would lean forward and hug him. Last week, we didn't get to watch her ride because we weren't allowed in the arena then (I think they didn't want us to distract the kids on their first week). Last night we got to sit in the arena. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera! Oh my word, she looked so adorable. Evie looked so precious in her little riding helmet (the stables provide them), and riding on Spike. She did a great job too. They teach the kids how to lead the horses into the arena, and lead them out. They teach them how to get on the horse, how to hold the reins, how to turn, and they also get to groom the horses. I hope I remember my camera next week!


Daisy said...

I hope you remember your camera next time too, I bet she looks adorable! Sorry to read about the leak in your house Jen. Our basement leaks in heavy rainfall, so I know the dismay!
Thanks so much for your prayers and commenting on my blog.

Kelly said...

"I hope I remember my camera next week!"
Ah yeah you better remember it. ;-) I was looking for photos!!!!!
Sounds like Evie had a wonderful time.

SchnauzerMom said...

That's great! I'm glad that she's getting to learn to ride. I expect photos next time.