Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting ready for party

Tomorrow is Evie's birthday, and I am getting ready for her party today. She is having a princess themed party, and there will be 6 girls here (7 counting Evie). They are all coming dressed as princesses, so it should be so cute seeing all those "princesses" at our house. They are going to be here for almost 3 hours, and I am going to do lots and lots of games and a craft. I'm making the cake today, and frosting it tomorrow. I'm making a Barbie princess cake. I sure hope it turns out! Jeff's dad made a big dollhouse for Evie for her birthday, and I have to finish decorating it and filling it up before we give it to her tomorrow night. So much to do!!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Evie. And Jen I'm sure the party will be a wonderful crazy little girl filled screaming success!!!!!

Jules said...

Happy Birthdya Evie. The party sounds like a lot of work but I'm sure it will create some wonderful memories.

SchnauzerMom said...

Wow that sounds like a fabulous party. I hope everyone has a great time and you don't get too stressed out!