Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am a deep thinker. I always have been, and in some ways it is good. Other times it drives my husband crazy :). I come up with some wild ideas during my thinking times. Evie is turning 7 in another 3 days. I am in shock about that! SEVEN! Where did the time go? Whenever her birthday rolls around, I always think about that day, and the day we saw her for the first time. We didn't see her until she was 2 days old. Here we are at the hospital. Jeff and I were dazed and thrilled to be parents, all at the same time.

And here we are when we brought her home that same night. She was the most beautiful baby. She had hair that was unlike any color I had ever seen on a newborn.

Anyways, what does all that have to do with deep thinking? Well, I was thinking about the journey of adoption, and what a wonderful thing it is. I was thinking about how much I would love to do it again, but also thinking of the massive costs. When we adopted Evie, it was pricey, but doable. The costs have gone up dramatically since then. Why, I have no idea. So here I am, thinking of wild ways to make almost $20,000. When we started the adoption process 8 years ago, our church suggested we do a fundraiser. We did, and it actually helped us raise almost all the money. It is amazing how God provides! Now, we are in a new area and going to a new church, so that isn't really an option. So I'm just brainstorming. I'm thinking thoughts like: if I have just 20,000 friends who gave $1, I would have enough! Lol! Okay, that one is a little nuts. I know that if God wants us to take the adoption journey, He will provide. It just seems like a HUGE amount of money! So I'm off now to go do somemore deep thinking :).


Jules said...

Jen, I love seeing these early photos of Evie. You look radiant too - as any new mom should!

I believe that if God wants you to go down this adoption path again, then he will open the doors and provide.

Another option, have you considered full-time foster care? I don't know how it works in the US, but here often those that do full-time foster care are able to adopt somewhere down the line. Obviously there are pros and cons but it might be something for you to think about.

SchnauzerMom said...

Beautiful photos. If the Lord wants you to adopt again He will provide just like He did the first time.

Daisy said...

We can certainly pray about this with you Jen! May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.

Jen said...

Hi Jules. We actually checked out fostering and foster adopting, but I would have such a hard time with getting attached and then having to give the baby (or child) back. That would rip my heart out! We will just see what God has in store for us :).

Hi SM. Yes, He always does provide :). I am so thankful for that.

Daisy, thank you for your prayers! I really appreciate them!

RosyRose said...

Hey Jen...Thanks for your kind comments! I did not know Evie was adopted...What a wonderful gift for her and you and Jeff! I have some friends from church(actually 2 couples) who are currently waiting for children from Ethiopia. It is a little less but still costly!
It looks like your gearing up for a Big party...SO MUCH FUN...8 princesses! That's what Sophie had last year too! Have Fun~

Kelly said...

Wonderful photos Jen. I know what you mean. I was considering adoption when I didn't think I would get pregnant but then found out I was just when we gave up.
So I too had looked into adoption, and it is pricey. 20,000, seems inexpensive from what I've seen.
Adoption is something still on my heart but honestly we couldn't swing that sort of money either.
I too just tell myself to sit back enjoy my life and if God want's me to adopt then doors will open and things will happen.
I'll be praying for the same for you.
I've looked into fostering too but like you I don't think I could give a child back or even live day to day giving my all as a mom with the prospect that they could go back to their natural mom or dad at any time. It would rip my heart out too.

Jen said...

Hi Rose! I'm so glad that you are visiting my blog! I have yours saved on my favorites list now. What a great blog you have! We adopted Evie when we lived in a different area, so most people don't know she is adopted now that we have moved back to our hometown. We feel blessed to have her in our lives!

Jen said...

Hi Kelly. I wish adoption weren't so much. It is sad really because it makes it almost impossible for many couples. I'm thankful that we were able to have the experience of adoption. It was a wonderful thing!

Debbie said...

Jen, I don't come along very often, but pray about adopting and see how the Lord leads. We are, with the Lord's leading and providing, adopting three older children from Ukraine! We don't have the money, but God has been providing what we need at each step of the way. We still need so much, but we know that it's not a challenge for Him! We don't want to let the children down, so we pray and get the word out as much as possible. Come visit my blog, if you like, and God bless you and your family this year!
~Debbie (Inch by Inch on the Loom)