Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Evie!

We just got done with the party about 45 minutes ago. It went well, but boy am I tired! We were quite busy the whole time, and it was a wild house with 8 girls :). The first thing we did when the girls all got here was do a craft. We made princess wands, and they loved it. They got to decorate them with glitter and shiny sequins.

Next, we went downstairs to play games. The first game was the princess and the pea, but most of the girls didn't know the story, so I read the book. I love this picture because they are all leaned it to listen.
Then we played the game. I hid a green "pea" (it was actually a golf ball painted green) under one of the girls pillows. Whoever had it under their pillow got a prize, and got a certificate with their name on it saying they were a real princess. We did the game until all the girls got prizes. They had a lot of fun.

We also played a game called Pass the Teapot, where we passed a teapot around until the music stopped, and whoever was holding the teapot won. They got to pick a treat out of the teapot. We did that until everyone got a treat. We also played a princess walk (sortof like musical chairs, but you walk), pin the tail on the donkey, and limbo. The girls won funny kazoo lips after the limbo game. Here is a pic of them with their "lips". After we had cake and ice cream, I put glitter on the girls faces and painted their nails.

Here is the cake I made. The girls gobbled it up, which I was amazed because many of the girls that came are very picky when it comes to food. I made both the cake and the frosting homemade because Evie is really sensitive to food coloring and preservatives. You wouldn't believe what I colored the frosting with...beet juice! I read about it online. You couldn't taste it at all, and it made it a really pretty pink! I think the party went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We were busy almost the entire time, which helped. It feels good to sit down though! My parents and in-laws are coming over in about an hour to give Evie her presents and have some cake and ice cream. We are giving Evie her gifts then too. I think Evie is having a great 7th birthday :). Happy Birthday Evie!


Daisy said...

Oh I bet that was the party of the year!! I imagine those princess' had a blast!! I love the lips! :O) Happy Birthday Evie!!!!

April said...

That looked like a lot fun for the girls; you did so much to get ready for the party! I love the lips, and the cakes is so cute. Beet juice? Who would have thought? I hope Evie had a most wonderful birthday! Happy 7th birthday Evie! :)

Kelly said...

aawwwww how lovely, the party looks like it went well
that cake looked yummy
Thanks for posting the photos I was checking in too see them!

SchnauzerMom said...

How cute all those princesses in one room! Sounds like they had a great time.

RosyRose said...

Oh Jen, that looks like such a fun party! Right up my alley...:)
We decorated wands and purses at sophies princess party too! I like the idea of reading and then playing princess and the pea!
It's obvious you put a lot of thought and time into making everything perfect for her!