Monday, December 15, 2008

Last night of horseback riding

Last night was Evie's last night of therapeutic horseback riding for the year. We had a really fun time watching her. She was sad to find out that they switch teachers each semester, so she won't have her favorite teacher Mr. Tim in her next semester. She will have a new teacher when the classes start up again in January. I'm sure the new teacher will be great, but we have really loved Mr. Tim. He has done such a great job with her. Evie adores horseback riding. Everyone there, including all the volunteers, are so great. At the end of the class, she gave Mr. Tim and the volunteers a plate of Christmas cookies and gave them all hugs. Here is a video of Evie trotting on her pony Spike. We had a better video, but for some reason Blogger wouldn't upload it. Oh well. The person running next to the horse is Mr. Rick. He has been Evie's volunteer this semester. The person giving commands is Mr. Tim.


Kelly said...

Oh how cute. Evie looks like a pro with that horse. I can't wait till Char is old enough to take lessons. There is a horseback riding school not one mile from my house. I can't wait.

SchnauzerMom said...

She looks so cute up there on that horse. I hope that the next teacher will be a good one!

Daisy said...

Wow, look at Evie go!! Looks like fun!!