Friday, June 27, 2008


My garden has really been going to town lately with all the recent rain we have had. My Clematis and other flowers have really started to bloom, and it looks so pretty. I love flowers. I think it is so amazing how God gave us so many beautiful things to look at.
My vegetable garden is also growing nicely, but I didn't take a picture of that. My zucchini is flowering, so I should have some zucchini to pick soon. I want to freeze a lot of it this year, to have for zucchini pancakes (our family favorite), stir fry's, breads and muffins. I hope I get a bumper crop this year! My tomatoes and peppers are doing well, and have little buds on them.
We bought a fountain not too long ago for the flower bed, and I love it. I had always wanted one because I love the sound of the water. This is actually the second fountain we bought. The first one was the exact same, but the pump went out. Jeff went back to get another one, and noticed that the display model of it wasn't working very well either! We loved the fountain, so we got the same one. Within a day, this one stopped working too. Jeff said they put really wimpy pumps in it, so he just went out and bought a new pump that was stronger. It works great now! My handy hubby :). The flower bed is almost finished where the fountain is. Jeff has the fountain temporarily wired with an extension cord, but is going to permanently wire it when he gets a chance.
We recently drained the hot tub so that we could get rid of all the bromine in it. Evie had such a horrible bromine allergy (bromine is very similar to chlorine) that she couldn't go in the hot tub at all. In the summer she loves to swim in it every day, so we needed to find a solution that would work. We found a natural copper that people use for hot tubs, and so far it has been great. No yucky chemical smell, and no rashes on Evie. You can tell by her face how much she loves it :).


Jules said...

I just noticed Jen that you're an early poster too! Your garden looks great and it's good to meet someone who calls zucchini 'zucchini' and not courgettes. LOL. Glad Evie can enjoy the hot tub - it looks like fun.

SchnauzerMom said...

Your garden is so very pretty. I love gardens. Love the fountain too, I'm thinking about getting a bird bath for my yard. I'm glad your daughter can swim now.

Kelly said...

Wow beautiful garden

April said...

Beautiful garden Jen! And we have the exact same fountain on our deck! It does sound nice, doesn't it? The birds like it too. :)

I'm glad you could get the nasties out of the hot tub for Evie; she looks happy! Mike wants to build us a pool one of these days and I'm going to be real picky about what we put in the water!