Friday, June 6, 2008

House and Blessings

Here is a picture of my plant shelf with the new stuff I bought. Also here is the new table runner and centerpiece, and the new wall sconces. Evie wanted to get into the picture too, although she looks like she is sulking in this picture :).

Here is a picture of Evie that I took recently. She just looked WAY too grown up in this outfit, and I had to take a picture of her. I still can't believe she is almost 7. Time goes by so fast.
On a side note, God really blessed us today. Our air conditioning stopped working last week, and it has been in the 90's. The heating and cooling guy came to look at it a few days ago, and charged us $220.00 just to tell us that we needed a new furnace and air conditioning unit (he quoted a hefty $9000 price tag). When he left, we were really trying not to stress and just trust God. Jeff turned the a/c on that day, and it worked enough to cool the house down to 78. It has been barely keeping up, but it has worked enough these past few days to keep us from roasting. Jeff figured out after cleaning it that the unit just needed freon/coolant in it. He looked at our bill from the heating and cooling guy, and saw that they charged us a diagnostic cost, but also charged us big time for "service". The guy didn't do any service at all. Jeff called them today and complained that we were charged for service, and they didn't service anything, they just did diagnostic testing. They ended up coming back tonight and put freon in the unit free of charge. Now our house is nice and cool, and the unit is working fine! So we feel blessed that we don't have to try and come up with a hefty sum of money for a new furnace and a/c!

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SchnauzerMom said...

God is good. He kept you from burning up and you found out what was really wrong. I'm glad you're nice and cool now.