Friday, June 13, 2008

Mrs. Fix-It

I have been trying to help Jeff around the house. He is so busy with work that a lot of times he doesn't have time to work on projects at home. I have started to learn on my own how to do some home improvement projects. We recently bought some new curtain rods for the living room, and I wanted Jeff to put them up. He didn't have time, and I wanted to help, so I did it myself yesterday. I drilled new holes, put the rods up and made sure they were level, patched the drywall where the old holes were, and painted over the patched drywall. I put two rods up. They turned out really well! I also patched the drywall in a few spots in the house that needed fixing, sanded the spots and then painted. It was a productive day!

When Jeff came home from work, he brought 4 flats of strawberries that he had picked up from his mom's. She got them from a roadside stand. She and I wanted to buy strawberries together, and so I called around and dickered with people to get a good price. We have learned that if you go to a u-pick place (or roadside stand) that sells already picked stuff, you can get the prices down if you buy a lot of fruit. Between the two of us we bought almost 100 pounds. We buy blueberries every year already picked, and we buy 120 pounds and split it with Jeff's parents. They give us such a discount that it is almost the same price per pound as u-pick, without any work :). Last night Jeff and I cut the tops off the strawberries and froze them. 30 packages in all. We kept a few out for eating, and I think I am going to buy some more. They were yummy!

On a hair-related note, the urge to cut my hair is lessening. The tangles have been bad for some reason, so I think that has added to the hair cutting urges. I tried a new updo the other day. I got it from my friend April's blog (thanks April!). It is called a Flippy Updo, and it is fun and easy to do.


Daisy said...

Jen, I am so proud of you for hanging those curtain rods! I rely on my dh to do those things, but I so hate waiting around until he actually does it. We have those same curtain rods by the way in our children's rooms.
Do you ever make strawberry jam? If you do, do you have a good recipe? I'm thinking about making some this year.

SchnauzerMom said...

Great job with the curtain rods. I love strawberries too and they're good frozen. I'm glad you didn't cut your gorgeous hair.

Jen said...

Thanks Daisy! I have made strawberry jam before. I have done both the cooked kind that is canned, and the frozen kind. I actually prefer the frozen recipe much more. It tastes so fresh, whereas the canned jam tastes a bit blah to me. I have always used the recipe that comes in the Sure Gel box (do you have Sure Gel in Canada?). The freezer jam tastes like you picked the strawberries that day and made the jam. YUM.

Jen said...

Thanks Schnauzermom! It is great to have you comment again on my blog. I missed you!

Daisy said...

Thanks Jen! We only have a fridge freezer that is packed full, so I can't make the freezer jam. :o( I'm going to try the cooked jam today, wish me luck this is the first time I'm doing this. I found a recipe off the internet. If it all turns out, I hope to can peaches and pears as well. I'm excited about all this!!

April said...

"Mrs. Fix-It" sounds about right Jen; you did a great job. Before I met Mike, I had to do all that kind of stuff; now he does it 'cause he's Mr. Toolman. I also have those curtain rods - in our extra bedroom, only in a silvery color!

I'm glad you like the updo - only with my hair as long as it is now (and yours too), it's not really an updo, is it? Ah well, it was when I first did it! It looks might pretty on you. :)

I've not been able to do the updo you videotaped! There must be something wrong with my hands or brain or something! I get so mad at myself when I try and get all discombobulated - 'cause it looks so easy when you do it. I need the video in the bathroom with me when I'm trying it! I'm so hairdo inept.

Jen said...

Thanks April! It sounds like both our hubbies are really handy. It is great isn't it? I know that Jeff saves us so much money by being able to fix just about anything in the house.

I'm sorry you are having trouble with the updo! I hope you can figure it out. Let me know if you can't. I'll try and explain it more if you are still having trouble.